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​​Hi, I'm Malinda and I believe that "beauty has no bounds". This is why I love what I do every single day. I've been in the salon industry for over twenty years. I am flexable with the individuality of every clients vision, I don't specialize in just one area as I mostly enjoy doing cuts, colors and curls. 

While I'm very experienced, it's amazing the number of new trends and techniques I still learn throughout my continuing education and trade conferences. Constantly learning and following trends means I can tailor my approach with the uniqueness of each client.

Current clients would describe me as "honest", "fun", and "skillful". They say I make them feel fabulous but if I'm honest, it's my clients that make my day. They've all become such great and understanding friends to me.

When I'm not enhancing the natural beauty of my clients, I'm spending time with my husband and our dogs in our countryside home. Usually hiking or walking to enjoy the fresh air, riding ATVs or going to the gym. The typical small town fun!

I am more than excited that I can call Infinity Salon in Cross Plains a second home, I hope to see you all soon!   

Hello I'm Marihia,

I am a small town girl who admires that same small town atmosphere. I like that Cross Plains is that same appealing location to open Infinity Salon. 

When I started my career in 2011 at JC Penny Salon as a hair designer, I had immediately known it was the best path for my life. The variety of styles, colors, cuts and techniques is an art form I love to master for all my clents. This especially includes ombre' and balayage. 

I am described as "patient" and "honest" by my customers and I strive to be the best. This means you'll find me learning and researching the latest trends and techniques, then practicing and perfecting them so my clients get the best results and go on their days feeling and looking absolutely fabulous!

There's a comfort in allowing yourself to get creative with your style and that comfort is what you'll experience while pampering yourself here at Infinity Salon. I want you to feel relaxed and refreshed, it all starts with making that appointment. I hope to see you all soon!